The Buddha's Guide to Peace and Happiness
1. Basic Morality
2. Building and
    Managing Wealth
3. Protecting Assets
    and Wealth
4. False Friends
    and True Friends
5. Protecting
6. Qualities for

How to Accumulate Wealth
1. Material Wealth
    and Progress
2. Spiritual Wealth
    and Progress

How to Avoid Downfall
1. Material Downfall
2. Moral Downfall
3. Spiritual Downfall

A Life of Blessings
1. The Essential
2. The Supporting
3. The Personal
4. The Higher
5. The Supreme


The Buddha’s Guide to Peace and Happiness

The Sigalovada Sutta

6. Qualities for Success

Qualities of successful individuals

Wise and virtuous,
Gentle and eloquent,
Humble and amenable,
Such a person will attain success.

Energetic and not lazy,
Unshaken by troubles,
Of good conduct and intelligent,
Such a person will attain success.

Approachable and friendly,
Kind with words and unselfish,
A teacher, guide and leader,
Such a person will attain success. 


Qualities regarding the character of an individual come first and morality is the foundation on which everything else rests upon.  Thus one has to be wise and virtuous to have true and long-lasting success.  This means that one must not only be able to distinguish right from wrong, but to actually do what is right and avoid what is wrong.  One should also be gentle and not harsh, not hurt others with words, and be humble and agreeable.

Next, come the essential qualities required for a successful working life.  In earning a living or in business, no other quality can replace the readiness for hard work.  Remaining steadfast despite trouble or problems, and maintaining one's integrity in times of difficulties are also vital elements.  Being polite and well-mannered and  keen to improve by learning new skills or methods are the other necessary qualities for success in business or at work.

Finally, the individual should be open and friendly, and not aloof or proud.  He or she should speak kindly, lead by good example, and be willing to share knowledge and experience with others.  To lead others along the same path of accomplishment will bring complete and absolute success to any individual.


Qualities of successful leaders

Generosity, pleasant speech,
Being helpful to others,
Treating all with fairness,
At every place and as each case demands.

These four winning ways hold the world together,
Like the lynchpin of a moving carriage.
If these winning ways do not exist,
Then no mothers or fathers will receive
Honour or respect from their children.

The wise reflect rightly on these four winning ways.
They therefore attain greatness and the praise they so deserve.


For any society to be successful, it needs to have leaders with positive qualities.  These leaders, whether in government or business, should be generous by nature and free from excessive greed.  If not, they may succumb to corruption, embezzle the community’s resources and steal from the public or from their own companies.  Corruption, if unchecked, will definitely lead to the downward spiral of any society and eventually result in great hardship for the entire community. 

Good leaders must be unselfish, compassionate and willing to use the community’s wealth and resources to help the needy and assist the underprivileged to improve themselves.  In this way, society will develop and progress to higher levels. 

Leaders must be skilful in their use of speech and certainly not demean or humiliate anyone as this will breed hatred, resentment and disharmony.  Leaders must never abuse their positions, and must observe the rule of law in all circumstances.  Finally, they must emphasize fairness and equality for all, regardless of wealth, religion, race or status. 

In short, leaders in society should be generous, pleasant, helpful and impartial, with a desire to see everyone enjoy happiness and prosperity.  These qualities hold society together, without which, it will deteriorate and decline.  If they do not have any of these qualities, society’s leaders will not have the respect of the younger generation. 

Leaders who realize the importance of these qualities and practice them, will thus attain greatness, fame and praise, for they lead their society to stability, prosperity and success.



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