The Buddha's Guide to Peace and Happiness
1. Basic Morality
2. Building and
    Managing Wealth
3. Protecting Assets
    and Wealth
4. False Friends
    and True Friends
5. Protecting
6. Qualities for

How to Accumulate Wealth
1. Material Wealth
    and Progress
2. Spiritual Wealth
    and Progress

How to Avoid Downfall
1. Material Downfall
2. Moral Downfall
3. Spiritual Downfall

A Life of Blessings
1. The Essential
2. The Supporting
3. The Personal
4. The Higher
5. The Supreme





The Buddha recognized that not everyone is ready, or even suited for a life centred on intensive spiritual practice.  Most are content with being part of a household, running their businesses, taking part in social activities and having a good time.  He said that there is nothing wrong with people enjoying their families, their material possessions and taking pleasure in life. 

However, he stressed that the pursuit of our own happiness should not be at the expense of others.  Such happiness will be short-lived and lead ultimately to our own suffering.  By helping and bringing happiness unconditionally to others, our own happiness will not only be preserved, but maintained for a long time to come.

Anyone can see that many of the teachings here are just plain common-sense.  Unfortunately not all of us apply this common-sense to our daily lives!  The teachings here point out and remind us of how we should lead our lives, for our own well-being, and also for the well-being of our society. 

Carefully considering and following these teachings virtually guarantees peace and happiness for ourselves, our family and our community.  This creates the conditions for even more peace and happiness in this present life, and for many future lives too.  And for those who sincerely and diligently practice these teachings, attaining the ultimate blessing of Nibbana is only a matter of time.

Give the Buddha’s teachings a try.  Make an effort and experience the results for yourself.  And if the teachings work for you, share them with your friends and family for their own benefit too. 


The Buddha has shown the way.

We just need to walk the Path!


Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University, Chiang Mai Campus
Photographs courtesy of Rev. Pri Yananda Marma