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Your Comments and Feedback


Thank you so much for the wonderful free resource packages.  I will be sharing the second set with a friend.  The books are so easy to understand and beautifully done.  I only had a vague concept of Buddhism and its belief system so this website was a real help and a great find.
New York, USA

Wonderful website, resources, and Dhamma teaching/sharing materials! Thank you!
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

I want to say "Thank You".  The way you write and the explanations are wonderful and easy to understand especially for those who want to study Dhamma in English.  On behalf of my teacher and my friends I would like to say "Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu" to you.
May you and all beings find True Happiness, Good Health & Great Wisdom.
Yan Naing Tun
Yangon, Myanmar

Your wonderful website excels all other gift because it is gift of truth to the humanity and all the aspiring Buddhist all over the world.  Congratulation for bringing to us this gift of the Buddha Dharma in particular in this degenerate times.
Damcho Yonten,

This website is very helpful and has helped me rationalize things in my life - if that makes sense! So yeah, I thank T Y Lee for providing us information on what is good and bad and may you have the positive energy you require to attain enlightenment!

This website and the free booklets offer a lot to the practicing Buddhist as well as beginners. I am from a place where the Buddhist population is almost zero. But I learned a lot about the Dhamma from this site and the booklets. Thanks a lot for making me a better Buddhist.
Shah Navas S
Aluva, Kerala, India

I was raised in a Thai Buddhist family, most of the teachings were taught to me in Thai, but my primary language is English, I didn't understand the Buddhist teachings in deep detail until now. Thank you for spreading the Buddhist teachings in English. Your book was very insightful and I look forward to putting it into great use. Thank you again.

I found your booklet (and a great car decal!) at a San Diego Buddhist supply store.  I really enjoyed them and they brought me back into the study of Buddhism.  You are doing great work and I look forward to supporting you for many years to come.
Brian Kennedy
San Diego, California, USA

I would just like to show my thanks and kindest gratitude towards your site.  It has been a great resource.  Your site structures everything out very well in a way that guides the user.  I only hope that others find this site well when in need of such a great learning launchpad.  Kindest regards,

"Just be Good" is really a very much inspired book that have brought many changes in my life.  I am very much thankful to you all for your appreciated initiatives.  It has not only helped me but I must say it will help every living being if they have really a pure heart and mind to believe that if they trust the teaching of Buddha.  Once again I am very much thankful to you all from my bottom of my heart.
Sangay Loday

I am thirteen years old, and have been questioning my religion. I researched many different religions, and it was this site that helped me follow the Buddhist faith. I read of it every day, and I have just ordered two booklets from this site. Thanks very much for you're help and guidance in my new-found religion!
Finlay Martin
Fife, Scotland

Just recently received your package. Thank you! The books are wonderful! Bought several books before but none matched the simplicity of your books. I'm truly grateful!
Brian Sibulo
Manila, Philippines

I like your your book "A Life Of Blessings".  It is a great book and a guide to gain prosperity and happiness.
Aakash Suman
Punjab, India

I am in difficult days at work and I found your book.  The Buddha's Teachings have enlightened my mind and answered many questions and doubts that I have.  The book has changed me profoundly.  Thank you so much for the peace of mind.
Tong Kim Anh

This site is lovable and the booklet Just Be Good is really perfect to understand the essence of Buddha Dharma with all his message of peace and compassion.  This site is a gift, and there doesn't exist a better gift than the gift of truth.  Thanks so much.
Luis Arturo

Thank you so much for the free information.  I enjoyed the little books and my family and my friends too.  Hundred of blessings and may you always have peace.  I have also been exploring your website almost daily.  Thank you for helping me find some peace for my mind.  Blessings from the bottom of my heart to all those who created this website and keep up the good work, Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
Sri Lanka

Thanks for the awesome downloadable Powerpoints.  I'm new to the Dhamma and the slides were very informative, concise and helpful.  May all beings be happy!

Over the years I have read and purchased many books on Buddhism.  Your free books are a good and clear guide to the core of Buddhism, supplied with love and a permanent pocket item.  Thank you deeply for a wonderful handbook that helps me every day.
Widnes, United Kingdom

I want to give these materials as a gifts to my friends and my sister, so they would be interested in learning about Buddhism.  I picked up the "Just Be Good" booklet at one hostel in China, when we were traveling there in 2010.  I liked it very much. 
Alexey Sleptsov
Moscow, Russian Federation

I want to thank you for the books you sent me a few years ago.  I have studied them and several other texts as well.  I found a teacher and I have become an ordained Buddhist Monk.  I thank you for your help on this path.
Tennessee, U.S.A.

I love your site, I love your books, I love your downloads and I love your Powerpoint presentations.  Thank you for providing a place for me to learn more and the resources to provide to others so they can understand my beliefs.
Pennsylvania, USA

Thank you so much for the free material that you sent me.  I have them in my possession now and this is great.  Buddhism has changed my perspective on life and I am improving everyday in my service to humanity.  Your website has a lot of useful information as well.
Edward Misati
Nairobi, Kenya

T. Y. Lee, I have gone through your marvelous website.  I feel it is drop of ambrosia of Buddhas preaching towards the universe.
P. B. Pisal, Chairman/Trustee, Pali Path Sanstha
Mumbai, India

I deeply appreciate your sincere dedication and efforts in propagating the Buddha Dhamma.  You present the Dhamma in a way reachable to the minds of people with different religious beliefs.  You made it easy for the readers to understand Buddhism despite its profound philosophy.  Glory and peace in the Buddha’s Refuge.
Catherine Kho
Cebu City, Philippines

Last week I went to a Buddhist Temple with my friends and I picked up your book "A Life of Blessings".  I was touched after reading it because I finally understand the meaning of cause and effect (kamma).  Ever since then, I really love to get to know Buddhism more in depth and would love to spread the words of the Buddha through these books to help others too.  I really hope to see peace in this world.
Cindy Tan
Selangor, Malaysia

When I was visiting Singapore in the New Year, out of curiosity I picked up a copy of your two booklets at the Temple.  I was fascinated and thrilled by the Buddha's teachings, as I had very little information about in Portugal.  I am eager to learn more on this way of life, and especially eager to share this knowledge with my friends and family.  Obrigado!
Caetano Leitão
Cascais, Portugal

I came across your website by chance but now I visit it regularly.  Why?  Because you made Buddhism very easy to understand and practice.  In fact, I am trying to share this site to as many people as I can.  
Thanks a million times over.  
Tan Cheng Chin 

Thank you so much for your wonderful booklets and downloads on your site.  The website has been of great benefit to me and others I have recommended it to.  Thank you so much for the good work you do for all of us.  Many blessings to you all!
Merkie Benner
Arizona, USA

"Tremendous" is not the word to explain my gratitude to you.  What a superb service being done by you for all of us in the world who are in thirst of the Dhamma.  The web site is very much user-friendly and a beautiful and very simple way to reach pure Buddhism.  May all beings be happy!!!!
Sri Lanka

Hello Dhamma Brother!  Thank you so much for your kindness and universal compassion to all people.  I am a student at Mahachulalornkorn Buddhist University, Chiang Mai.  I am a Cambodian monk and I am studying with  Ven. Priyanandha.  He gives many of your booklets to me to share with others.  I wish you good luck and success all the time.
Sun Rithy
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for creating this site!  I am referring many friends here.  Recently a friend got very upset because he found out that some evangelists are circulating pamphlets that blasphemise Buddhism and I thought of justbegood.net.  This is such a wonderful place to find out the basics of Buddhism, and it is so easy to understand.  I am telling him and everyone else to come here if they are affected by those pamphlets.

I have just got around to reading "A Life of Blessings".   I think it is applicable to all.  It is full of techniques for success and a peaceful life.  There are so many books on Buddhism in the world although I rather like yours because your presentation is very simple and adaptable for those who seek how to use Buddhism in everyday work.  May you be successful in your work for the well-being of all !  With Metta,
U Tha Tun
Yangon, Union of Myanmar

"A Life of Blessings" is without doubt my favourite book on the Buddha's teachings - simply an inspiration to me everyday - and I would like to share this and other books with my friends and family.
Graham Ross
Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have been practicing Buddhism for about a year now with the aid of books and internet articles.  The books and MP3's on your site are excellent and prove to be very useful.  With metta,
Tim Moorooviah
Durban, South Africa

I found the 'Just be Good' booklet in a hotel in Kandy, Sri Lanka and I asked the hotel reception if I could keep it.  They told me to go ahead and I have found the booklet to be amazing.  I have started to practice Buddhism everyday following the easy steps in the booklet.  It has been over 2 weeks and I feel much happier and want to share this with everyone I know.  I don't really want to give up my own booklet yet, as I found that it is very easy for me to refer to it every time I have a little question.  Can you please send me some booklets so I can give them out to friends and people that I think will benefit from the booklet?  Thanks so much in advance.
Lay Yong Tan
Novia Scotia, Canada

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the booklets which I have already received!  Have passed some copies to my friends.  Everybody loves your booklets!  Very well written and informative!  Many blessings,
K F Sim
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On behalf of the Tuesday Night Meditation Group and newcomers to the Dhamma, THANK YOU so much for the materials you have sent!  We are so appreciative of the booklets and use them to spread the Dhamma.  These books help ease the suffering of those who are looking for spirituality and want to find a path.  They offer much insight and information about Buddhism and give hope to those who are experiencing pain.  I wish you could see the eyes light up in those who receive a book, or the transformation they undergo practicing this path.  I have seen the miracle of men and women who are prisoners of suffering, transform into loving and free spiritual beings by cultivating compassion and incorporating these principles.  So much healing, so much compassion and so MUCH GOOD!  Namaste,
Marilyn Bray
Florida, USA

I am very grateful to you for helping me to understand how to be a good Buddhist.  Your books can even be understood by a nine year old kid like me and I am a full Buddhist now.  They make my mind peaceful whenever I read them and I will always be looking forward to go to the temple.  I am truly grateful to you.  May you have blessings from the Buddha and Sangha and may you have a peaceful and long life.  Yours truly, 

Just wanted to say thank you for expressing so clearly and simply the elegant teachings of Lord Buddha.  You have earned a lot of good karma by doing this.  May The Noble Triple Gem Bless You!
London, U.K.

I have been to your website the last few months and read your books a lot.  Actually I have one copy of 'A Life of Blessings' given to me by a Buddhist friend.  I was born a Roman Catholic and if I had read your books a few years ago, I would not have encountered all the problems and sufferings I have had.  But thanks to your books which give me comfort most of the time, I plan to recover my life with the guidance from the principles I have learnt.  I always share now with my friends, and also with my wife and children, what I have learnt and really feel as if I have found the spiritual source I have been searching for.  Now that I've found  the right path, I've started changing myself to Buddhism and will keep the Buddha's teaching close to my heart, and I want to learn more....THANKS!
Romel J. Majul
Sabah, East Malaysia

I was lucky to read your book 'A Life of Blessings'  at a hotel room (Royal Lotus Hotel - Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka) where we were on a vacation.  I was born as a Buddhist and have studied at a leading Buddhist school in Sri Lanka, but that was the simplest book I have ever read in Buddhism where any beginner will understand and be convinced easily.  I hope a copy of the book will be kept in every hotel room in Sri Lanka where tourists from around the world are flooding these days specially after the end of the war, to spread the great message of the Lord Buddha.  May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you forever.  Best regards,
Sudesh Fernando
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything that you sent me!  They came at a time that I really needed them most.  They are so easy to understand, they have really made so many things very clear to me.  
I thank you with all my being.  With MUCH METTA, 
David Skufca
Colorado Springs, U.S.A.

I picked up the booklet "A Life of Blessings" from the Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.  It's a concise guide that condenses the important messages from several Suttas in an easy-to-understand book.  Well-done!  Thank you for your efforts.

Thank you so much for sending the booklets and bookmarks, I wasn't expecting to get them so quickly, they arrived yesterday!  My husband Roger and I have been interested in Buddhism for many years but the recent trip to Sri Lanka was our first visit to a Buddhist country.  We had an amazing time but the icing on the cake was to find your little books in the hotel bedroom.  When I first read 'Just Be Good' I cried tears of joy.
Your website is wonderful too, thank you for everything you are doing.  
Wishing you peace and happiness.
Ann U.
Hampshire, England

I have gotten copies of your materials previously and found them to be fantastically helpful and easy to understand.  I kept one copy (it stays by my bed) and gave one copy to someone who asked me about my faith.  I would like a few more to give to friends and peers who want to know more about Buddhism.  Your explanations are elegant, simple and filled with truth.  Often, they do a better job getting to the core of issues and helping me with my practice or to explain certain concepts to others, than books you might see being sold for profit at a store. Yours are truly a gift.  
Thank you again - with metta, 
South Carolina, USA

Thank you.  Your booklets in simple English makes the reading of Buddhism easy to understand.  They have made me a born-again BUDDHIST.

The Buddhist literature arrived today and I just want to thank you kindly for the work you do.  I especially enjoyed reading the "Anyone can go to Heaven" booklet.  After growing up a very strict Catholic I am riddled with guilt and fear.  The teachings are really helping me to see things in a different light and I am most grateful.
Many Blessings to you.
Teena Windsor
Perth, Australia

Thank you for sending me the Buddhist materials as I had requested you.  I received the materials today.  I will distribute them to my friends and relatives as I found the books very effective to understand the crux of Buddhism.  Thank you once again,
Paramananda Shakya
Kathmandu, Nepal

I am in the process of becoming a Buddhist and picked up your 'Just be Good' booklet.  Am really impressed by it and would like to read more.  If possible, I'm requesting 2 of each as I would like to pass a copy to my girlfriend.
Richard Pretorius
Johannesburg, South Africa

When I saw the title of your ‘Just be Good’ book, I thought of giving to my friend.  But when I  read some pages of your book, I could not leave without finishing it. You explained the Buddha’s teachings with clear, systematic and easy to understand language.  Warm regards,
Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Just reread your booklet 'Anyone can go to Heaven' and it is still as wonderful as it was when you sent it to me a year ago!  I am still at the beginning but learning all the time.  So glad I came to the Dhamma!!!!!
Sue Taylor
Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

Congratulations on the new 'A Life of Blessings' book.  I started reading it this morning and it is very good work.  I really enjoy the way that you break down the discourses and make it simple to understand.  I'm passing out the copies now to people.
Tommie L.
Florida, USA

Thank you very much for the gift of Dhamma - the greatest gift of all.  My beloved mother passed away 2 months ago.  Her passing truly affected me and my family as we loved her truly and deeply.  Nevertheless, our common goal for her well-being after death has brought all of us closer to the Dhamma and your book "Anyone can go to Heaven, Just be Good!" which my niece picked up from SKE, Malacca, has helped us understand the gem of Dhamma and cope with my mum's death.  We have also just reprinted 1,000 copies and have passed on the merits to our beloved mother.  May all sentient beings be well and happy!  Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
Joslynn Ong

I picked up a copy of "A Life of Blessings" at the Carolina Buddhist Vihara yesterday.  Thank you so much for writing and publishing this wonderful book.  I have found it so accessible and readable.  Its very well written and a pleasure to read.  Most importantly it communicates the messages so thoroughly and clearly to me.  I'm very thankful to have come across it and have learned much.  Thank you very much!
Jeff Ernest
South Carolina, USA

What I love about all your writings is how you emphasize the immediate and practical application of the Dhamma.  Your approach removes Buddhism from the realms of philosophical speculation and places it squarely in the middle of everyday life where all of us need guidance in skillfully dealing with the stress and distress of our days.  Thank you for helping me to keep the Dhamma alive, fresh and personal.
David Braughton
Florida, USA

I am a Buddhist from Burma, now studying in Thailand.  I want to spread the word of Buddha to other international students.  I read the "Just Be Good" book from one of my friends, and I think that is one of the best books I have ever read.  Thank you.
Aung Nay Mong
Bangkok, Thailand

I have really enjoyed your books and materials.  I passed the "Just Be Good" book onto my brother, who is very interested in Buddhism.  I also gave him one of the credit cards, which are very nice!  The window cling is also on my car--it's very good quality.  Your writing style is very readable and I enjoy the way you organize the Suttas into topics.  I actually referred to one of the Suttas on managing money when I came into some birthday money.  You will receive a lot of merit and good metta from many people around the world for your efforts. I hope it feels good to know that you are making a difference in the world!
John Stanley
Wauconda, USA

This is a wonderful site and a treasure for beginners like me.
Shah Navas Sukumaran
Kerala, India

I received my package in the mail this week.  Thank you so very much for everything.  The cards are beautiful and I love the fact that the Precepts are printed on the back--great reminders for everyone.  I have put the small books in my bag so I have something good to read whenever I'm waiting somewhere.  I love having a bumper sticker as well.  It will be quite different from the usual that I see here--and I'm happy to be different in this way, give folks something positive and encouraging to think about.  Thanks,
Tennessee, USA

Thank you very much.  Your package arrived today and I immediately gave your 'Just Be Good' book to my mother.  She started reading and liked it very much.  When she read the part that says that even a smile can cheer up someone's life, she said that this is what she always said, and I agreed.  Thank you for your kindness, my mother and I have benefited already.  With metta,
Anthony Brodowski
London, England

I just received your free packet in the mail and it is the easiest way to understand Buddhism that I ever have seen.  I am a Christian that really appreciates the Buddhist philosophies especially to control one's mind and actions.  Very nice!  Thank you again.
Wisconsin, USA

Thanks for creating this website and booklet.  The "Just Be Good" booklet is very interesting to read and understand.  When I came to Thailand, I met many foreigners and told them about your website.  I hope in future there will be more and more developments in Buddhism.  May all beings be happy and live peacefully.
Sinu Marma
Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University, Chiang Mai Campus, Thailand

Hi there, I came across your books from a friend.  Not only have I found them to be the friendliest and most accessible books I've ever come across on Buddhism (and I'm a Buddhist!) -- but I also think that my girlfriend, her father, my mom and dad would also enjoy them.  I'd like to also request an additional copy to replace the ones my friend let me have so that others may enjoy them.  Thank you!  Namaste!
Rob Gerlach
New York, USA

Having been raised Southern Baptist I have only recently been introduced to and have subsequently become a student and follower of Buddhism.  I discovered this site through a card that I was given at my local temple and have spent the last few hours intently reading and absorbing every word.  What an AMAZING site.  I'm going to tell everyone I know about it.  I will be making a donation (small as it may be) to assist in maintaining this wonderful resource.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
M. Hayden Sutherland
Florida, USA

I have received the carton of Dhamma materials you shipped to me and I would like to thank you in a very big way.  People love the materials, and the new "A Life of Blessings" booklet is absolutely outstanding for outreach to people new to Dhamma.  Here in America there is such a need for good Dhamma materials such as this.  Thank you for blessing us with such a huge gift.
Rev. Michael Daniel Neary
New York, USA

THANK YOU so much for this website and these amazing resources!  Often times when friends and associates ask me about Buddhism I find I am at a loss for words, how difficult it is to distill the Dhamma into a short sound bite.  Your resources make this possible.  The "Just be Good" booklet is the best introduction to Dhamma I've read.  Keep up the good work!
Lars Underbakke
Florida, USA

I received your initial information booklets and was amazed how they made complete sense to me.  I never could believe in a personal god no matter what religion I looked into.  Also, I have always believed that organized religion was created to control with fear and is and has been the base of all wars and evil in the world.  I do realize that there are good people that simply honestly believe in their religion's teachings and try to live a good life and do not look any deeper.  However, the people at the top (in control) do not have good intentions. Thank you, your (oh so clear and concise) information is finally what I was looking for - something based on common sense, logic and wisdom that I can finally believe in and act on.  Thank you.
Shelagh R.
BC, Canada

What an amazing path I've chosen!  The Buddha was a genius.  Mindfulness not only helps you control your speech and actions, but makes you aware of your body as well.  I found that I am more free of aches and pains after becoming more aware of tension in my neck and back.  Mindfulness affects everything I do and makes life much more relaxed, with less mental and bodily suffering.  Amazing stuff! 
Peter Power
Dorset, UK

I am so very pleased to have found your site.  I am interested in learning more about Buddhism and it's teachings.  I can't wait until my free items and books arrive.  I will also be handing them out to friends and family.  I really enjoy Just Be Good and I have read everything from beginning to end.  I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life due to my new-found knowledge. Thank You... Namaste,  
Shannon Terry-Kollars
Texas, USA

Something for nothing?  There must be a catch.  No catch, the booklets you sent are wonderful, concise and easy to read.  And what's more they fit in my trouser pocket so I can have them in easy reach whenever I need a Dharma boost.  I thank you all for the gift of truth.
John Jones
Cheshire, U.K.

I want to thank you so very much for the material that you sent.  I got a few books months ago and just recently ordered more.  You threw in some new ones for me as well.  I have been enjoying them and look forward to passing them along to others.  Your website has opened my mind and my heart to Buddhism. 
I am so grateful for that.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Colorado, USA

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I have been interested in Buddhism for quite some time and I have been doing some research on the Internet and your website has been incredibly helpful.  I received your free material in about two weeks and it was very helpful and easy to understand.  Your material is very straight forward and full of so much information.  Your audio material is so AWESOME!!!  I listen to them in the car and at home.  I have learned so much with the help of your website and material!  I definitely recommend your website and material to anyone who is interested in Buddhism and want to grow spiritually.  Thank you very much for this great gift.
Esmeralda Ceja
San Jacinto, California

First I want to thank you for the Buddhist information I requested.  Can you please send me a few more of the Just Be Good booklet as I only requested one.  I enjoyed this little book so much that I cannot part with it but would like to share this information with my children and my friends.  Thank you so much.  
Diana Standfill
Washington, USA

Like many have said, thank you for such a great website and may you continue to spread and share this great teachings of our Lord Buddha so there will be peace and compassion on earth.  I have also found and downloaded a few talks and songs and I am particularly captivated by the song 'A Story of Dona'.   I strongly recommend everyone to listen to this.  You guys are great and well done for such an informative  website.  I am new to Buddhism and I find this to be very informative.  Simply beautiful.
Justin Ng
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Very excellent website.  Good Dhamma work.
Good devotion.  No words for that.
Expressing my regards,
Dr. Milind Jiwane  
President of Ashwaghosha Buddhists Foundation
Nagpur, India

Your generous gifts arrived today and I am most excited that you added some extra copies of your 'Just be Good' booklet.  I have generated some amount of interest in Buddhism and I will have these materials given away very quickly.  I find that even fundamental Christians are easily excited by the idea of taking control of their own thoughts.  It seems at first, a very foreign idea that this is possible.  For all that our society values and teaches, most people consider being a victim of their own thoughts an unfortunate fact of life.  I think that your idea of JustBeGood.net, and your execution thereof, are going to be a powerful force in moving forward the consciousness of society.  It is my intent to be an active part of this movement.  Thank you again!
George Larson
Pennsylvania, USA

What a revelation! - Just Be Good.  Wow!  Its so much easier to love and forgive people than to hold grudges and hate.  Is this enlightenment?  I don't know but it feels so good!  What a special person the Buddha was. The law of kamma is so just, and life becomes wonderful again.  Regards and thanks, 
Peter Power
Dorset, United Kingdom

Thank you so very much for the free materials.  As someone who is just beginning to follow the teachings of Buddha, it is wonderful to have such concise and simple information.  Please continue to do your work, it is much needed in these troubling times.
Chris Haynie
Montgomery, Alabama, US

A Direct, Simple, and Practical faith.  A great website.  Keep up the good work.
Premswaroop Paul
Bangalore, India

Thank you so much for the materials.  They have been so very helpful to me.  They have changed my life.
Melanie Adams
Pennsylvania, USA

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your kind gift.  I have been reading Buddhist books for some years but have never read such a clear explanation as contained in the wonderful little book that you have written.  I have been reading the material every day and as a result I am convinced of the path that I will follow.  I will refer to your site often to gain deeper insight but will always return to your basic introduction which I found inspirational.  You have affected my life in a profound way and I send you my kindest regards. Thank you.
Kevin Sheldon
Tasmania, Australia

I was born a Christian and been a Christian for so many years but I started changing myself to Buddhism.  I saw some different teachings and I am sure I was awakened.  From that day onwards I had a thirst to study Buddhism and I want Buddhism to be my life.  I found this website which is very interesting and there is lot more to study.  "Anyone can go to heaven, Just be good" is a great teaching for me.  Thank you to the person or team who is handling this website. 
Shiroma Wijesekera
Sri Lanka

I have just received the materials you sent.  What a pleasant surprise.  I spent the next few days browsing and internalizing the materials from cover to cover and will definitely spread it to others.  Your website is a true, great help.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you very much and I shall be glad to keep in touch with you and your team.
Eddie Chong
Melaka, Malaysia

I received my free CD's and books today I would like to express a huge thank you for sending them to me.  I will enjoy them.  I would also like to express my thanks for your very informative website.  With best wishes.
Alan Ward
Norfolk England

Excellent website for anyone looking for answers.  You have demystified religion and shown how Buddhist teachings can offer hope to one and all.  Thank you so much.

A very interested novice about to embark on my 4th trip to Thailand.  I hope to spend some time at a WAT to learn more.  At the same time I would appreciate copies of your goods for myself and to pass onto other people that are interested in what I am learning.  A wonderful site.  I have downloaded much material but you have so much more.  Thank you for such an educational site.
Martin Richards

Appreciated the books, stickers, CDs, etc., that we received from you.  The Buddhist card can be very useful and a good way of reminding one to apply the 5 Precepts in everyday life including generosity and meditation. We would like to request for 50 pieces of the Buddhist card for our Tien Shen practitioners in Sabah.  Words alone cannot express our sincere gratitude. Thank you.
Sunny Tan
Sabah, East Malaysia.

I just received the package you sent me.  Thank you so, so much.  I can't wait to start reading and listening to the materials.  I am also looking forward to sharing it with several friends of mine.  Thank you also for offering a very enlightening and informative website to us struggling but very happy to learn and apply Buddhism in our daily lives.
Manila, Philippines

I found your site during a Google search at the time I discovered the marvels of the Buddha's teachings.  Some of the talks on the Download page were helpful to me as I began to walk the Buddha's Way.  Now that I am a fully committed Buddhist, I want to come back to thank you for your site.
New Jersey, USA

What a great site!  Keep up the good work.  Thanks!
Joe Butler
Texas, USA

T Y Lee; You have reached out and helped so many hungry people, including me.  I am certain, were it not for you, I would not have become a student of the Dhamma.  I will try to live by the Buddha's teachings.
John Chisholm
Illinois, USA

Thank you for helping me find some peace in my heart and in my mind.  This information has changed my life, no amount of words could ever express that happiness.
Florida, USA

Most excellent Site!!  It is outstanding among the other Buddhist resources.
I am so appreciative of your efforts!  Hands palm-to-palm,
Fa Jian, Sensei
Lotus Meditation Center
Seward, Nebraska (USA)

I have been to your web site a lot over the last few months reading and using the links.  I also received your package today and thank you kindly.  I really feel as if I have found the spiritual source I have been searching
for.  I would like to thank you for your web site and materials.  If not for you and your words I may not have found the right path.  I will read everything you sent me and I believe I am ready to seek out a teacher.  Thank
you again from the bottom of my heart.

"Anyone can go to Heaven just be Good"? Well no one is going to go to heaven then because no one is good. No one can ever keep the "5 Precepts." Who has not stolen, lied, lusted, and hated, or coveted. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) "The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23). "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. "(Romans 5:8) If you repent and trust Christ he will save you and you will go to Heaven, not because you are a good person but because you are a bad person who has been forgiven by the grace of GOD.  

Dear T Y Lee,  Thank You! so very very much for all the good, beautiful, informative, uplifting, etc. Buddhist literature, CD's, bumper stickers.  We are very happy to place this literature in our Hospital Spirituality Room.  It is of great help to many of our patients.  May you and yours be deeply blessed for all the good work you continue to do.  Thank You! Again.  
Sincerely,  Michael Melcher
Pennsylvania, USA

I want to thank you for sending me the books I requested on Buddhism.  I have never read anything about it till now, and all that I have learned from this material has made me look at things in a significantly different way.  I feel that what I sensed on a gut level has now been revealed by a deeply wise man 2,500 years ago.  I will keep his teachings close to my heart.  Thank you all.
Angela Wilkins
Lancashire, England

This is to thank you for sending the wonderful selection of material for our new library here in Manolo Fortich.  People here are avid readers and although the majority are Roman Catholic I know they are always eager to expand their knowledge of other religions and cultures.  Books here can cost a whole week's salary and are prized things that pass from hand to hand.  Free books of such interest and quality are almost unheard so these will reach people who could NEVER spend a week's salary on a book because the money has to be spent on food.  For this reason there are 2 blessings in each book.  My thanks to you on behalf of the people of Manolo Fortich and our new public library.
Kim Smith
Mindanao, Philippines

Thank you.  Your website is awesome.  I was introduced to your website while I attended a seminar on Buddhism in Bangkok at the World Fellowship of Buddhism.  My grandmother was a life long Buddhist.  She was the most peaceful and kind person I have ever known.  Now I why she was so peaceful, kind and wise.
Yong Park
California, USA

I am delighted to receive your gift of booklets.  May I show my appreciation for the tremendous effort you make in consolidating and putting together the wonderful audio, e-books, videos etc, to allow anyone such as myself to learn about the teachings of the Buddha.  Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
With metta, JG

I would just like to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I have appreciatively received the free literature that you sent to me.  I am using these resources to educate and spread the word of Buddha.
Once again, thank you.
Kristie Townsend
Leicester, England

I have just got around to reading the free (Just be Good) book you sent me- fabulous!! I am currently re-reading it because it is so condensed and I'll need to read it several times to really "get it". It is full of so much valuable information (like your website) and advice. Keep up the great work you are doing. You're a blessing to this world.  :)
Sincerely, Kirsten McLauchlan
Brisbane, Australia

Thank you for the very helpful information.  I'm just beginning my study of Buddhism, and your booklets are very helpful. 
Melanie Schumacher
Iowa, USA

Thank you very much for the free stuff you have sent me. I am going to to tell all my friends about your website and I will do my bit to spread the message of Buddha as much as I can. I lost my father six years back. I have managed to carry on because of the teachings of Buddha. I wish I had discovered your website earlier. But nevertheless thank you once again. It is because of people like you that the world is still going strong.
Jashoda Chhetri
Gangtok, Sikkim, India

I'm a Buddhist in my twilight years and with no transport of my own, its so wonderful to learn of your website when a friend took me to a temple and I got your new copy of JUST BE GOOD.  Its great to know that Mr. Lee has done so much to spread the Dhamma so people all over the world have easy access to know more about Buddhism.  Each night before I go to bed I will read thru the little booklet Just Be Good as a reminder to practise the Precepts and be at peace myself.  Blessings to all those who created the website and keep up the good work.  SADHU SADHU SADHU
S.W. Tan

Dear Mr. Lee:  I was SO happy to receive your small parcel with huge ideas last Friday (July 27th).  It perked up my weary spirit, or 'mind continuum' more than you know.
I have the booklet next to my bed, and because I do not know how to drive, let alone possess a driver's licence, or a vehicle, for that matter, I am trying to think of the best possible places to put the a couple of the bumper stickers, so that I will always be mindful of the compassion that is inherent in Buddhism.
Thank you so much for the gift, and your website, and the links to other sites regarding Buddhism, a belief system that has SO MUCH integrity, compassion, and tolerance.
May The Powers That Be regard all of you at justbegood.net with GREAT FAVOUR for the work that you do.  Gratefully,
Sharon Fummerton
Penticton, B.C., Canada

I received the booklets and CDs on Friday and have been going through them. They are excellent!!! I have also been exploring your website almost daily and am amazed at the amount of info you have provided for those of us just discovering Buddhism. Again, Thank You so much. All the best,
David Hartman
Reno, USA

I have such inspiration from your website that makes me feel to work incessantly for the contribution to the suffering world.  Thank you very much.  May all of you enjoy real peace!
Gyan Chakma
Arunachal Pradesh, India

I'm very impressed by your website and information on a wide variety of Life Subjects!  I'm glad you are there with your substantial info on Buddhism and the Lord Buddha!  Keep up the Good Work!
Fr. Athanasios Rutt obl.osb
Our Lady of the Rivers Church
Iowa, USA

This site is so eye opening, and informative.  Thanks you all.  A special thanks to T Y Lee.  I just received my new copy of Just Be Good, and he was kind enough to write a lovely message inside the book.  Your good and kind work on this site has enabled me and many others to set out on the path to seek enlightenment.
Namaste, and heartfelt gratitude.
Rosary Selensky
New York, USA

Thank you for the package with the books and especially for your kind words.  We think your project has been very successful as many people over the world have found a lot about Buddhism.  We visit your site from time to time, reread the books you have sent to us. We enjoy listening to CD's and to that beautiful music Namo Tassa.  The friendly attitude to the visitors of the site and to the readers is amazing!  We wish you a lot of success in spreading the Teachings of the Buddha.  Thank you again!
Lolita and Lukas


Dear T Y Lee, I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful and beautiful site.  I particularly enjoyed the CD "Finding Happiness in Life" by Ajahn Brahm.  He is a great and humorous teacher!  Becoming a Buddhist for me is like coming home, I feel that I have been practicing Buddhism all my life.  I have just finished reading the Just be Good booklet and it is very informative yet easy to understand.  I am going to order some more to give to my friends.  Thank you. 
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Congratulations on your first publication, it was excellent and was quickly distributed.  Will need you to send some more but will come back to you with addresses of where to send them.  Oh yes thank you for signing it with your message, it made it so much more personal. Thank you once again and we all send our loving kindness to you and your family.
Lorraine and Gerald
South Africa

Thank you for sending me the books and most especially your book and I thank you for such a warm inscription.  I like the feel of your work as it is easily accessible and not like some religious works can be : a tome without meaning.  I hope that this is not the last work you will do and I hope to see many more like it in the future.  Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do.
Lee Smith,

I have just received your wonderful book and all I can say is WOW!!  So much knowledge in such a small package.  Thank you so much for sharing with anyone who wants learn.  May the wisdom of the Buddhas continue to shower you.
Much Metta,
Florida, USA

Thank you for the 'Just Be Good' booklets. Wonderful! It'll be so nice for a 'novice Buddhist' to carry one around as a reminder and source of information.  With best regards,

I just want to let you know that I read your book and it is fantastic!  Simple, thorough, beautiful.  I gave a copy to my co-worker and she's enthralled to learn more.  Once again, kudos to you!  =)
Take care!
Salem, USA

I would like to thank you for for spending the time to take what you believe and share it among others.  
Your website is a powerful resource for novice Buddhists.
Texas, USA

I like your website, it's simple and easy to read and understand.  I'm also an internet newbie and was contemplating on putting up a site like this to share Buddha's teachings in my own way and now I have a shining example to emulate.  Thanks and may we all reach Nibbana one day.
Shueh Mei

I have looked at Buddhism from all directions but as I think I've said before, in England the authors of even the simplest guides, seem to baffle and confuse you, with various must-must not do's!  Then I found your great web-site and haven't looked back.  It's how it should be, simple and honest.  I hope we can develop a lasting friendship as you have given me so much help and encouragement.  A hundred blessings and may you always have peace.
Colin Mitchell 
Cambridgeshire, England

Your site is wonderful - the information is provided in a format which is easy to understand. I find the beliefs and teachings to be what I need to lead a good life.
Glendale, Arizona

Thank you so much for the email, and for being so kind to send me the free material for my friends.  Buddhism has been so good to me, that I find it hard not to share with my loved ones.  I would appreciate any material that could help enrich my life, (since I am still very new to my conversion) or material that could help my friends understand Buddhism better. 
I will make sure to pass along your website to everyone and anyone that may have questions.  It is a blessing to have websites like yours that can enlighten others to a wonderful new beginning.  Thank you so much for all that you have done.  Happiness Always,
Virginia, USA

I am filled with joy by your wonderful site. I've been a spiritual searcher for years, but feel a special joy when I read the teachings of the Buddha. I want to learn all I can about the Dhamma, so I am filled with gratitude at the chance of receiving these books and CDs to teach me more about Buddhism. I really feel like I have come home now that I have decided to study Buddhism seriously. I want to "work out my own salvation with diligence," but any help I can get along the way is always much appreciated. Thank you very much! 
Sincerely, Adam Pearson
Greenfield Park, QC, Canada

Very interesting indeed!  Many spiritual sites usually require some form of financial commitment before anything is shared.  This site however, offers with an open heart!  
The Dharma-Eye shines very brightly here.  May everyone involved, and everyone who reads this, be blessed beyond measure!  Compassion and understanding to you all.
Ven. Shi Da Dao
London - UK

I would like to thank you so much for the CDs and booklets you sent me. They have completely changed my life. Now I've began to understand the purpose of living and how to keep my self happy. I just have a little problem with meditating as in my country I have never had of any Buddhism before and I need lots of teachings on how to meditate. You made me understand life, what is bad and what is good. Thank you.
Windhoek, Namibia

Thank you for the free information!!! Your material is written in a way anyone can grasp its meaning. I have been looking at other Buddhist sites but really couldn't understand even the basics as I'm a slow learner.
Now with the understanding your booklets and CD's have given me, I am understanding deeper teachings also. I wish I had found you a long time ago. I am now at peace with myself and enjoying life .I only want for others to be as happy and at peace, so I will work towards that thanks to your site... Namaste... 
Tanja L James
Idaho, USA

This is a most interesting website. I am a student in the Philosophy of Religion and am drawn to Buddhism. I think you are doing potential students a great favour here. I support this website and everything it stands for.
May your website and your life's work flourish over many lifetimes.  Grace and peace be upon you.
Hong Kong

Please send me some of your decals so that I may spread the word.  Your website is so amazing and beautiful, more people need to know about this!  Namaste,
Texas, USA

I came across your website by accident, but was drawn by the title!  I have been looking for years to find the impossible "truth" but never got close. I have always thought of Buddhism as being the one for me. Now I will definitely read further. It's as if I have arrived home!! Thank you. May peace and happiness guide your footsteps.
Mike Maynard

Thank you so very much for the cards and stickers! Your generosity is greatly appreciated, as is your wonderful site!  I am new to Buddhism and find your website informational AND inspiring. Again, thank you very much :)
Peace~ Meg
Illinois, USA

This site is so special cause I have been to hundreds of Buddhist sites and it was like I found myself being drawn back to this one again and again. I said to myself there has to be something to this! Perhaps its the way its laid out. Its put together in such a way that anyone can understand it. The Buddha taught differently in different areas so persons of all walks of life could understand him. The thing about this site is that its real. Its not some gimmick like I have seen elsewhere. In todays day and age with so many problems anger hate and confusion the world needs something to believe in! To me and many others the Buddha is light when there is no light. To the blind he is their eyes to see. We should all try living our lives through the eyes of the Buddha.
Through this wonderful web site it is a vehicle to spreading the gospel of the Buddha. Letting persons know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that there is a way out of suffering and that there is Buddha nature in every one. We just have to find it.  The truth is the greatest gift you can give!!! And TY I know and pray that your blessings will be great!!! I will get back to you as soon as the stuff arrives. Again many thanks! May peace be with you always brother! 
Sincerely yours, Kenny
Indiana, USA

I am 18. At this spiritually lost time in my life, you have shone through with this gift. This wonderful and pure truth that has given me some feeling of meaning. I meditate regularly now, and I am more at peace than I have ever been. Thank you and may you continue to enlighten. Peace.
Pennsylvania, USA

I have just found your site, it is amazing.  After a rather awful introduction to Buddhism, I almost fell off the path. However a small group of friends came together and enjoy lunches and each others company. We come from many different walks of life, but have a common thread Buddhism. Your site is so very easy to understand and to navigate, this will now be a much visited site. We are great fans of Ajahn Brahm.  Thank you so much for writing so that the English speaking of us can finally understand the very basic, simple way of Buddhism.
With Metta, Maeve
Queensland  Australia

This is a very good site. All the details and matter given on this site is amazing.
Keep up the good job guys!
Amit Uniyal, India

Thank you so much for the books and CDs.  I have been studying Buddhism for a few months now and would like to think of myself as a Buddhist and your books have helped me find a happiness and inner peace I didn't think existed.  Thank you so much for helping me find this.  With love,
Linda Brown
Wales, UK

What an amazing website! I feel very brave and safe after reading this. 
I hope everyone on the earth would have read this too..

I am very interested in Buddhism but unfortunately I live way out in rural Alabama and know of no place to study. Your site is such a blessing to offer information.  Blessings to you,
Penny Wilson
Alabama, USA

Many thanks for the books and CD's.  I have been studying various paths and have found Buddhism the most practical for this existence.  Your material help reinforce my belief system but also gave me an avenue with which to share such knowledge, meaning you spell everything out so a westerner can grasp the concepts.  The package took quite a while to get here but well worth the wait.  Again thank you so much for being there and your generosity.  Sincerely, 
Tom Walinski
Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Wow...what a wonderful website...truly a breath of fresh air.
Adam B.
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much for the wonderful and meaningful gift that you had given to me last week. On behalf of my family I would like to say Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu to you.
Your generous approach and the humour that you have created will enhance the Buddhist youth and the future generation to be more interested with the Buddhist way of life. Keep it up with your good effort in promoting the humble approach towards the Buddha Dhamma as a way of life. Thank you.
Mr. Yen Kim Pok
Melaka, West Malaysia

I want to thank everyone in the monastery for the CD's that I've received. It brings me happiness and when I listen to it, it gives me joy and happiness. I've been lost and confused for so long with my life but until yesterday, I think I've found my purpose. Thank you and I hope there are more CD's to come. May the Buddha bless me and you all.
Hien Tran
San Francisco

You sent me pure  nectar and I'm so blessed.. I am telling everyone I can about your website.. The booklets answered so many questions I had.. Thank you so much again.. and may you be in happiness.. :}

I love this site, what a glorious tool and reference point.  I just received the items from "free stuff" and was amazed at your generosity, I have read and will now distribute the books you sent.  I love the "Anyone can go to heaven" laminated cards, they are received with such joy by the people I have given them to.
Thank you so very much.
Gary Mueller
California, USA

Thank you so so much for the CD's and Books.  I have been able to share my religion with people in a way they can easily understand now!  Namaste,
Taylorsville, KY

I just received all of my free booklets and CDs today.  My sister and friends and I all are excited to start reading.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.
Ohio, USA

Heard about your website in a Dhamma Talk today. Just pop in to see. 
AWESOME WORK! Keep it up and going. MAHA SADHU!
David Ku
Melaka, Malaysia

Thank you so very much for the books and cd's. I am now listening to one of them and the laughs and light it's giving me brightens my heart. Thank you.
Tanya Holevis
Hammond, Indiana

Hello T Y Lee.  
I have received the package with the Buddhism materials.  I appreciate your kindness of sharing this materials at no cost.  To me it shows your true desire to share Buddhism with the world.  That's what makes me want to learn more.  There are no strings attached, just a free mind to inquire about a wonderful teaching.  
Again I must thank you for your inspiration.  Your words make so much sense and help me to think things through with an open heart.  I wanted to share something special with you that happened this morning.  I was listening to the "Metta" CD that you sent me as my son played.  As soon as I put it on I noticed Kiran was mesmerized by Ven. Mahinda's voice.  Normally he wants me to hold him but today he played independently and quietly.  He was so calm and relaxed.  It was amazing.  After the CD was done, I held him in my arms and he shut his eyes and drifted off into sleep without a word.  My heart just melted because even though he may not understand what was said, he could feel the love and calmness in Ven. Mahinda's words.  
I am so very grateful more than words could ever explain.  With Metta Always,
Tara and Kiran Lalla
Winnipeg, Canada

Hi brother Lee
Keep up the good work.  May the Triple Gem protect you and your family.
Brother Henry Tee

First I want to say thank you. Words cannot express the kindness that you have shown me and the rest of the world. You have given so many wonderful words and gifts of wisdom, to all who ask of you. I only hope that my journey will be as blessed and filled with knowledge. I sent my sister to your website, and that was the start of her journey in a new direction. Thank you...
Tiana Hill
California, USA

Hello and thanks for the free materials you have sent me. To send those items at no cost shows much care and compassion and this makes me embrace Buddhism even more. Thank you and may peace and happiness be full in your lives.
Michigan, USA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the Buddhist booklets and CD's sent to me.  I really appreciate it and I can assure you it has been a great eye opener and a great help spiritually in understanding why things happen.  I can now accept why certain things happen and begin to see the purpose of life instead of just seeing the suffering, poverty and especially the crime in our Country.  
I only hope that through your spiritual guidance and blessings that I can change my life even if only one day at a time.  Love and Light 
Lorraine Barrett
Pretoria, South Africa

Hello T Y 
I have just received the items in the mail.  I am so thankful you sent the books, stickers, decals and the cd's, they are all AWESOME.  You site as well as the info that you have sent are a real benefit to me.  
Again many thanks.  Much Metta,
Tommie Lewis
Florida, USA

I returned from my vacation yesterday to find the materials you sent in my mailbox. I spent the remainder of the day joyfully perusing the books and booklets. Thank you Mr. Lee, from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and kindness. I am extremely grateful. Once I’ve read the material, I will pass it on so the precious Dhamma can spread and help all sentient beings. Again, thank you.
Shane Schneider
Kansas, USA

Thank you for producing these items so that I and others like myself may be able to learn about and practice Buddhism. Peace, good health and well being to you all.
Dorset, England

I have received my package and I have shared  with my sister. As we discussed the material, I truly saw an ounce of peace wash over her; not a monumental change, but an unspoken promise of a fighting chance.
I cannot thank you enough for your help. I nearly lost her; needless to say, I struggle with certain aspects of attachment where she is concerned. Your kindness and generosity afforded me the opportunity to validate her pain, to show her that pain could become suffering, and to help her understand that her suffering (although heavy and tiresome) is serving a worthwhile purpose.
In closing, please know that as soon as it's feasible, I will monetarily donate to your organization.  In the meanwhile, if I may contribute in another capacity, please let me know. I would be most honored to oblige.
Thank You, again, for helping me save my sister.  Love and Light,
South Carolina, USA

Your website is very recommendable! Great explanations: short, to the point, not evasive but clear. Very often I find your explanations easy to grasp for 'newcomers' to Lord Buddha's teaching - simply put: SADHU!
Mr Lennart Lopin
Hamburg, Germany


Greetings and sincere thanks!  I received the box from you yesterday and just finished opening it.  I was so excited.  Thank you very much for sending all of this.  I am deeply grateful.  My daughter lives in Wisconsin, USA, and I'll be sending her a copy of what you sent me.  I think she will find that the information and teachings will really help her.  I cannot say "Thank You" enough.  I have several friends with whom I want to share these precious gifts you have sent.  Cause and effect are interesting and all about life and death and all that's impermanent, I suppose. I'm just grateful for you and for the "cause" of your compassion.  
May your blessings be as numerous as the stars in the heavens.
Sincerely, Barbara
Texas, USA

I wish to thank you most sincerely for sending me the package of booklets and stickers.  I received them at school and my teaching colleagues were so very interested in the items enclosed.  A deep and meaningful and very open discussion followed as to the beauty of Buddhism.  
Again, thank you very much and my blessings to you.  Kindest regards,
Lee Griffith
Bribie Island, Australia

Hi, I have received my package today, thank you.  I have thought of Buddhism for a number of years and only recently have realised that this is the spiritual path I want to travel, and certainly I am still struggling.  I find your site very easy to understand, things that I need explaining seem to get clarified.  The books are easy to read, and at night before I sleep seems to be the best time to read. I have not yet went to a Temple, I would like to. It would be great to keep in touch.  Respectfully yours,
Belfast, N. Ireland

Respected Mr. T.Y. Lee
First of all let me thank you for sending me wonderful reading material/CDs on Buddhism.  I am delighted to receive it from someone I have never seen or met or known.  I don’t have words to express my gratitude.
Honestly speaking, I had no interest in Lord Buddha and Buddhism initially, but now I am not only interested in reading about Buddhism but also willing to follow their teachings in my personal life.  And the credit for this change in me goes to you and Arpita Datta.  She forwarded me your emails which you sent to her.  
After reading your conversations I found interest in Buddhism.  I thank you in my heart for being a nice and gentle mentor to her.  Once again thanks a lot for your kindness!  Best regards,
Gagan Sakhuja
Delhi, India

Thank you for providing such a wonderful and informative web site. 
Recently my life has begun to change and incorporate many of the Buddhist teachings.  
However, I did not know that until I saw your web site. 
Kimberley Moses

Pls Mr Lee, let me first thank u sending me the stuff. Pls sir all de product u sent me have being distributed to all ma friends and relative, every one in ma neighborhood is now talkin about buddhism.
Pls i have promise must people who are illeterate dat by next month i will distribute them with stickers again, so they are lookin forward for is. And those who can read too i have given them abt the website and i have started beginning the work of buddha cuz i now talk abt it everywhere.
Pls mr Lee, i would be very grateful if u can send me about ten copies each of the stuff again so that my teaching of buddhism will be effective, thank u and am hoping to hear from u soon.

Richard Antwi
Kumasi, Ghana

Hi TY- 
I received the package you sent two days ago.  Thank you! 
I live in a rural area with little access to any religion but Christianity. 
I'm very excited about learning more about Buddhism.  Thanks so much,
Wisconsin, USA

Your books, stickers, CDs are nice and useful and I really enjoy them.
I am going to find out more about Buddhism myself and to share the stuff with my
friends as there is little information on Buddhism here in Lithuania.
Thank you very much!   Best wishes,

I am so pleased I sent for your free stuff as things are pretty bad for me at the moment. 
Without them I wouldn't have made it this far.  Thank you.
Wales, UK

Thank you so much for the CDs, etc.  The Metta CD has given me so much peace, I’m sleeping better and no nightmares.  I go to Rigpa Meditation Centre in Limerick every Wednesday, and I have brought the CDs and books in with me to help spread the Dharma.  Newcomers to Rigpa find them easy to understand. 
I can deal with stress, I’m happier, my brother’s death 2 years ago brought me even closer to Buddhism.
Thank you again.  I have told everyone in the Centre about your website and I often see people writing down the web address from my bumper sticker.  May you be happy, may you be well.
Sharon Roche

Hi T Y,
Beautifully done! Has helped me considerably to understand Buddhist concepts more clearly. 
Thank you so much for putting together and maintaining this site, it's wonderful!
Regards, Andy
Lewes, UK

Thank you so much. I've stumbled across your site unintentionally but I'm so happy I did. 
I need more directed practice in my life and have been seeking this for a very long time.
Elizabeth Zimmers
Cupertino, USA

I want to be the best Buddhist I can be!
Dixie L.M. La-Pierre
Texas, USA

I must say again how much I enjoy your website.
There are bigger and more in depth websites, but yours
just has a very nice feel about it. It feels good. Everything is
straight to the point and nothing is complicated or condescending.

"Sweet and Simple", as we sometimes say in the USA.
Please keep up the good work on the website!
Pete Johnston

Congratulations on a super site.......
No reason at all why we cannot have a 21st. century attitude to a 2500 year old philosophy.
Love and Light to you and all your team.
David Wiliams
Lübeck, Germany

What a wonderful website you have created!  I enjoyed viewing it very much! 
Thank you so much. May you all be truly blessed.
Mary J. Spasiano
Maine, USA

I've been trying to be a Buddhist for ...a short period of  time, in fact I've ''converted” myself to Buddhism because I think it is a great way to feel great in the inside and out. Buddha's teachings are simple to follow and easy to remember, and that is why I love him sooo much!!
Eve-lynn Foster
Montréal, Quebec

Since visiting the local temple in Port Author, Texas, I have been wanting to learn more about Buddhism.  
I can't believe I found this site and am offered this opportunity.  I could not turn it down.  
Thank you so much for providing this information!
Cheyanna Dean
United States

Just to say that as recently as 1941-1945 Japanese Zen buddhists advocated war and killing.  
In the 1930's Tibetan Monasteries were involved in bloody power struggles for political influence.
Nick Elvidge

Thank you so much for making this information available to the world.  I have been trying to learn about the practice of Buddhism for some time and have found it difficult to find easy to understand information on how to begin to practice.
Elspeth Charter
Ontario, Canada

So glad to find your site, I will be sharing it with others.
Blessings to you and your work.
Susan Skees
Kentucky, USA

Thank you for the package received. Excellent books, looking forward to learning more about my new interest and hoping it will become more than that. Very enlightening.  Thank you.
Sandra Billinghurst
Essex, England

Anyone cannot go to heaven just by being good what an outright lie. God sent his word Jesus the Christ and only by grace through faith in Christ can one be saved. No one goes to heaven by justing being good. 
You must be saved. Period.
BC, Canada

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the wonderful site.  I have been interested in Buddhism for some time as an alternative to more "negative" religions.  As I learn more about Buddhism through your site I have the strongest desire to WEEP.  I have found my true beliefs echoed in a religion embraced by so many!
Sara Mathews
Pensacola, Florida

Hi T Y Lee:
Just wanted you to know that I received all the great stuff you sent.  Thank you so very much.  
I love going through your web site and have sent it on to others.
I've been interested in learning more about Buddhism for a while and your web site is so 
"user-friendly", it makes visiting your site a pleasure. 
Thank you again.
Judy Roberts
Arizona, USA

I have read a great deal of your website, and I wanted to tell you: it is the most
comprehensive primer on Buddhism I have found. (And I work in a college library.)
I am very interested in Buddhism, and you have helped me tremendously. I'll let you
know when I get your materials.  Thanks again!
LeAnn Glenn
Texas, USA

Hi...by birth I am a Hindu but I learn buddhism very dearly. However many of your books teach buddhism is superior to other religion especially when comparing to Hinduism. please stop it. Purpose of Budhism is not to MARKET itself like other religion and compete with other religion on how many followers they have... rather spread the word of love and help human (of any religious believe) from their suffering.
Portland, OR

Beautiful website! Simple, clear and straight forward...
Mettâya, Lennart

Hi T Y,
Just wanted to let you know that the Buddhist package arrived today.  Thank you so much for this beautiful gift...
I played the CD Finding Happiness in Life soon after the package arrived and found that beautiful and sweet message Buddhism has always given me - but greatly re-inforced by the clarity of the CD.  I loved the humour of  Ajhan Brahm - we are so lucky to believe in a philosophy that encourages laughter and joy with no terrible penalties to pay if we stray from the "path".... we are even allowed, (even encouraged), to be a little irreverant - that's healthy. I can't wait to go through the entire package and tonight, before I sleep, I'll start reading the booklets. I think, tonight, my sleep will be very peaceful ...
Thank you again T Y for reminding me of the beauty and freedom that Buddhism gives us and
for reminding me that all over this world of ours there are gentle and compassionate people who
have become a part of my life.
I am so proud to be a Buddhist.  With love and peace,
Noel Marchiandi


Dear T Y Lee~
I just want you to know that your site has some of the best info I have come across regarding Buddhism.  It is presented in nice little bites, so it's not as overwhelming as most of the info I have read before.  It's simple, engaging, and very helpful.  I learned a lot from your site, and for that, I am grateful.  Thank you!
Becki Pyatt
Salem, USA

Thank you T Y Lee for the email and the extra info I will be receiving. 
I also want to thank you for your site, it is a gem in a world of riddles. 
Thanks again, John

Thank you for your wonderful site - I and my son have been looking for information on Buddhism - to help and guide us on our chosen path - which your site has done.  Thank you so much.
Penelope Clark

Thank you for this wonderful resource - I cannot wait to use and share with others!  
Kimberly Barnaby
Michigan, USA

Great website! The free info you sent was very much appreciated.


Thank you for all the info and the cds and books this website must have the best info on the net as it doesn't drown you in info!!! thank you   xxxx

Hello and thank you
I have truly enjoyed the material you send me on Buddhism. After listening to the CD's I have started to see things in a much clearer way, so thank you!!

Wonderful site! Well made, informative - thank you! We in the West where the Dhamma has arrived can learn very much from the kindness and generosity of our friends in the East.
With Metta,

I've definitely found my spiritual path with Buddhism! Thank you for helping me understand a little bit more what it is all about.
Natalie Rodriguez
United States

I enjoy your website and aspire to a higher level of peace and understanding. Thank you for your assistance.
Ron Nielson

It was wonderful to receive the Buddhist literature from justbegood.net.
The lessons were clear and succinct and I was able to pass them on to friends who were curious about Buddhist teachings. Namaste.
Denise Dalaimo
Temecula, California USA

I have recently taken a very keen interest in Buddhism and have been researching and reading all about it.  A lot of people have been asking me about my findings and my new beliefs and it's been quite exciting.  
Thank you for having such a well informed website and thank you for offering these items up to help spread the word of Buddhism.
Paul Garrett
Dallas, USA

Your site is great. It is not only helping me understand more about Buddhist teachings but is also helping me
get my head round what I actually believe.  Whenever someone asked me before about what I believe I
wouldn't know what to say.   This site has helped me come to decisions about what I believe and how I
should live my life.  Thank you so much.
Isobel McMillan

Dhamma Greetings Lee,
Thanks very much for the free Buddhist materials. I've received them today and they are all great and 
awesome.  So, thanks again! May all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bless you.
Amitofo, Felix
Melbourne, Australia

Hi T Y Lee,
The Buddhist stuff that you sent me I have found truly inspiring. I have found the CD recordings most 
informative. What a wonderful thing the Buddhist teachings are!
Thanks again T Y, Many Blessings to you!
Martin Henry
Cambridge, England   
Have studied many teachings over past 30 years and have found Buddhism to be the most comforting. Would 
like to learn more. Thank you!
Dave Anzalone
Thank you for the booklets and cds you've sent. We've been meditating for some time, after going through 
your booklets and cds we've switched to metta meditation and since then we have been healing and tuning  
ourselves to be better human beings.  We think that you have shown us a true way.  Sincerely,  we came to
your site not by mere chance.  You are doing a great job and we are extending our deep gratitude and best 
wishes to you.
Jiotee and Karan
A GREAT site, I am just learning about Buddhism and the help that this site has personally given me is brilliant. The time and resources that they have given me has been comforting to know that there are people out there who will help you if you need it.
Sam Broom
United Kingdom
I've always felt Buddhism is what I've been looking for.  It's my missing link.
I've also only just found your site and read through it.  I really enjoyed it so much.
Rosemary Blackwood
N. Ireland
Excellent Website. I wish to learn more about Buddhism!
Jeffrey Boldt
I've been in touch with Buddhist teachings for exactly 20 years.
Frankly, I never look back because the teaching is practical, effective, and offers a thorough explanation of what others may write off as blind faith, superstition, beliefs, total submission and obedience!
I know reaching out through the Internet is a perfect tools, in view that information can be spread easily to every corner of the globe.
And all I can say, Bro. Lee has done a superb job to share such a wonderful teaching and information to the community!  And as for everyone else, keep on discovering; continue practicing; and be well and happy!
Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!
C. Guan Soo
Dear T Y Lee,
I thank you for sending me the CDs, books and decals. Justbegood is a wonderful site. I
like it very much.
Karim Ajani
I have been drawn to Buddism lately, but at one point had decided not to read any more about it because I  
come from a strong Christian family and was told basically I would go to hell if I practiced Buddism. My life 
has been so plagued with problems these last few years and Christianity has not given me a peace that I need,
I hope Buddism will give me clarity and peace.
Tonya Taylor
United States
Dear TY Lee:
Thank you for your many kindnesses.  I attended temple for the first time in my life. 
Something wonderful is happening to me.  My wife encouraged me through a friend of hers who is a nun.
It all makes sense now.  SO many things.  I can't quite get my Western mind around all of it somehow..but 
already in just two weeks I have a deep peace and a loving compassion for all things living.
I work in a mental health clinic that serves very sick inner city people.  Buddha is already making a difference 
in touching their lives--touching them through me--the compassion flows from me and I feel it so strong.
I am blessed because of the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha (like you) !
Bless you forever,  may you find great joy! Thank you you send me these things!  Perhaps I can in time if you
will receive it, write some content for you.  I am a writer and have been published already...take care!
Tim L. Kellebrew
Portland, USA
Thank you for making such an understandable and "down to earth" site on such a spiritual subject. It will be of great use especially to those not very familiar with Buddhism and wanting to orientate themselves on it.
Albuquerque, United States
Hi TY,
I am taking to calling myself a Buddhist, maybe a "bad" Buddhist would be a better description ha, as I have a lot
to learn.  But that commitment has now been made OPENLY as a result of your website and the material you
offer.  Thank you SO much, particularly for making things more understandable than ever before. It really makes a
difference to my life, relationships and state of mind.
Kim (Smith)
What a great site.  I'm so excited to have found it.  Thank you!
Jeannette Brown
Thank you for displaying such easy to understand information...it is very helpful.
Evangeline Hill
We are having a fair and I would like to have some of this material in our booth for visitors.  We have a Zen temple as part of our congregation and this material would be wonderful!  If you could send me at least 15 of each that would be great.  I don't want to ask for too much but I  know  that  our members and visitors will love your materials. 
Elizabeth Casper
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cocoa
Cocoa, Florida
Great service that you provide. Sitting here in Lhasa at the moment. A very interesting place....
Thank you very much!
Tony Migas
Washington, U.S.A.
I am just approaching Buddhism, and, even if in Italy we have goods teachers and courses about it, I have
found your website so clear, interesting and even humorous that I feel at ease with your words and way of
Thanks again and Best wishes.
Lorena Susanna
Hello! :-)
How are you today?
Yes i have been enjoying the Buddhist materials very much so!! Thank you again so much for these! The
booklets and pamplets have so much info and answered all the questions i had! And thanks to these wonderful materials. i am converting to Buddhism. its a such a great and understanding religion.
Have a Great Day :-)
I have received all the free stuff you have sent me! Thank you very much! I am so grateful to you! Even my kids have appreciated the stickers and they are looking at buddhism with a new attitude and interest!
Been searching since 1980 when I was conscripted into the army. My search for the right religion or way of life has been long and intense. This is the most helpful and inspirational site I have ever come across. I have studied many religions but have been slowly gravitating towards Buddhism. I have printed the first stage of meditation training and will begin tonight. Suddenly this makes sense to me. Weird, as I have many books on Buddhism. This may sound cheezy but from this moment on I will start to study and practise in earnest. Maybe someday I will be able to tell you how many temples churches mosques etc I have been to. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you 
Doug Bishop
South Africa
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for providing this free website with informative and helpful information about Buddhism. As a new believer, I found it very fulfilling! Thank You!
Randee Hartman
United States of America
What a wonderful offer. I know so many people who will benefit from your generosity.
Shannon Grace
Austin, Texas
On the opening page at Just be Good, I saw the reasons for which I
once considered myself a Buddhist. I still meditate almost everyday,
though my meditation is very unstructured.
I have looked at Buddhist sites in the past, and I have to say
that JustBeGood is one of the best ones I have seen. For an
introduction to Buddhism, it is very good. Like Ginou, I would
recommend it for anyone interested in the subject.
Yahoo Groups - Positive Agnosticism
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn about the Buddhist way. Years ago I had a Unity minister who was very into Buddism, perhaps now I can learn why he was!
John K. Miller
Hello, I ordered some "free stuff" from your website.  Thank you ever so much, it was very insightful and I really appreciate the efforts to bring this material to me, especially as I live in the England.
Because of this info. I have now visited a buddist temple here in Preston Lancashire, England.  And hope to continue doing so.  Please email me if you wish with any further info that can help me on my journey.
Kind Regards and Thanks again
Sam Broom
Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
I am just beginning in my awareness and pursuit towards a higher conscienceness and would be very grateful having been given the opportunity to share with others the teachings of Buddha. Thank you.
Dennis Sanchez
United States
Please carry on this holy task to spread the fragrance of Buddhism in this world.
Prashant Mahadev Landge
Nagpur, India
My interest in Buddhism has grown steadily over the past months, beginning with a TV show about the Dalai Lama and culminating in my visit to a monastery yesterday for Vesak day.  I am very grateful to find such an informative website as this - keep up the good work!
Stephanie Howard
This is just the kind of information I was searching for today. Thank you for you giving heart...
Mr.Steven C. Englert
United States of America

Dear T Y Lee,
Thank you and everyone at ' Justbegood ' for the free stuffs you are
sending me.I will inform you as soon as i receive the package and
i will also share the same with everyone.I appreciate the great job
you all are doing to spread the teachings of the Enlightened One for
peace and harmony in this whole universe.
May all beings be happy,peaceful & liberated .
Thanking you all once again,with good wishes & metta for all of you.
Yours Sincerely
Bangalore, India
This is a great website. I've never seen it before. I think some of your information will be really helpful to me in explaining Buddhism to my sons. (I think the reading material I've been giving them is over their heads at this point.) Thank you so much!
Susi Costello
THANK you for enabling me to pass on the word....
I'm interested in the peacefulness & goodness Buddhism spreads
Hi TY,
Again I have to say your site is great.  I've followed Buddhism for many years now but every so often there's a grey spot or two. Your site clarifies these grey spots and suddenly everything makes sense.
Thank you,
Queensland, Australia
Thank you for your wonderful products.  I hope to spread the Buddha's message of peace.
Brett Wheat-Simms

Hi T Y Lee,
Thank you so much for the booklets and CDs and Dvds. I received them on Friday and I have been hooked on them ever since. There are so many points which I have thought myself (or the inner voice told me so)so it is really interesting and comforting to know it just not me who could come up with these kind of thoughts.
Long time ago I either read or heard that when you are ready, the teacher will come. So thank you again.
With best regards,
What a find!
Thank you for all the positive thoughts.
Dave P.

I promised to let you know when I received the stuff from you, and I have.
I also want to thank you for the insights that have already been useful to me, particularly the CD's
I have yet to go through all the material but my car now sports the sticker and it does draw attention.
More than one person has asked me for a copy and I have supplied.
Than you SO much for your kindness.
Warmest regards,
Kim Smith
Negros, Philippines
I am very interested in finding out more about Buddhism.  I continue to feel drawn to it and want to understand why. 
In peace, Hannah 
Iowa, United States
I've realized over the past few weeks that much of my personal worldview matches what I assume Buddhism to be, thank you for your help in my journey.
Julia Howard
Saint Paul, USA
Greetings TY,
Thanks for the wonderful books and Cds you have sent to me.
As Chairman of the Multi-Faith Alliance and Co-Organiser for the London Buddhist meet-up Group I fully support and appreciate the wonderful work you are doing. And I send prayers and good wishes to you and for the continuation of your excellent Work.
May You and all beings find True Happiness, Good Health and Great Wisdom.
Richard Askew
London, England
Great site. Glad I found it.
Clarence Jacobs
Dear T Y
I downloaded the talks from your website and are spreading them.  I listened to them all and liked them a lot.
Thanks for the good work,
Czeck Republic
Dear Mr. Lee,
Today we received the parcel containing the material you sent to us. We will use the same for the purpose it was made for. As regards the books and the CDs, these will be kept in our library, which is the oldest free library in town, with an audio/video section. Thank you again. 
Peace be to all.
Aman Amir
Karachi, Pakistan

Today i just received a big package full of my free buddhist stuff! thanks so much! this stuff is great! and will really help me tons! thank you!....=)  =D
Ohio, USA

I have recently become very interested in Buddhism, and I am eager to learn all that I can! Also, several of my friends are interested as well. I look forward to having the opportunity to share this information with them!
United States of America

I received your package on Thursday.  I have been reading them... THANK YOU so much.  I listened to the CD before I went to sleep last night. Buddhism is the only way that I can see that makes sense...it just speaks to who I am and what I have always been, if that makes sense.  I am a beginner, but I know where my true "self" lies.  Once again, thank you so much for helping to start me on the correct path.  Blessings and peace to you....
United States

Dear Sir,
I have receive the parcel you sent, and I am very happy with the contents. The website you keep is not only informative, but very inspiring for one who is so far away from temple. Sir, I thank you so much for your work in spreading the teachings of the Buddha. Bless you this day.
At your service,
Christopher Reyes
Texas, USA

You are sharing good things with good people. Your materials are very useful for a person who wish to enter into the kingdom of Dynamic Spirituality, way of Buddha.  Your Buddhist materials helped me lot in learning some new things which I didn't know or I haven't seen the things in that angle. I am very happy.
Swaroop V V
Bangalore, India

I am just so glad I found T Y and the beautiful "free stuff" I can give away to people. Being quite new to Buddhism, it is lovely to share the Dhamma with friends and family so that they can understand better. Thank you to all those whose donations make it possible. With Metta, Freya
Freya Marshall
Kent, England

Thank you very much for creating a beautiful place for us to update our knowledge on Buddhism & also to collect merits by helping you to distribute the truth (Dhamma) among human. Merits will help us for our present & future lives in the universe. 
May Triple Gem Bless You !
Rohan Piyatilake
Sri Lanka

I am sharing the message of Buddha with my children and soon their friends. Your free material along with the literature I have already purchased will be of great help.  Thank You and Nomaste.
David Blanche

thank you so much i got my wonderful gift in the mail today! i am so
excited: the stickers are beautiful and the books look wonderful - will
be reading them cover to cover.
thanks again!!!
Kirsten McLauchlan

Thank you.  The more I learn and study, the more i know that I can be helped by the study and the more I know it will make the world a better place . Thank you for your response.
Exeter, United Kingdom

I loved everything I thank you so so much T. Y. hugs!!!
I am greatly helped by these materials so its awesome thank u
Cocoa, Florida

Thank you so much for sending me your lovely things, I shall enjoy reading them and exploring more.
Oxford, England

Hi T Y Lee
How are you? I really love the website. Its answered a few questions I had about buddism. The material was fantastic. The cds were brilliant. I especially liked the cd about happiness by the british buddhist. It was all useful.
Great Britain.

I received the materials and was very pleased.  I put the stickers on my car right away and listened to the talk on karma, and I'm reading through the booklets.  Thank you very much for taking the time to send them!
Blessings,  Brandi
Brandi Lemburg
Bakersfield, USA