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More readings in 'Just Be Good' :
A Life of Blessings
Island of Light



Talks on MP3
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Finding Happiness in Life - Ajahn Brahm (16.2 MB)  Highly recommended!
Buddhism in Modern Times - Ajahn Brahm (30.3 MB)  Highly recommended!
Kamma & Divinity - Ajahn Brahm (14.7 MB)   

Getta Betta with Metta series - Ajahn Brahm  
      Metta to the Past (13.5 MB)
      Metta to the Future (11.1 MB)
      Metta to the Present (8.6 MB)

The Fastest Way to Enlightenment series - Ajahn Brahm  
      Dukkha, its meaning and implications (13.3 MB)
      Anicca, something more than impermanence (12.7 MB)
      Anatta, the Key to Enlightenment (14.2 MB)

Guided Metta Meditation
- Ven. Mahinda (10.8 MB)  Highly recommended!
The Purpose and Meaning of Life - Ven. Mahinda (19.0 MB) 
Mindfulness in Modern Living Pt. 1
- Ven. Mahinda (16.8 MB)  
Mindfulness in Modern Living Pt. 2 -
Ven. Mahinda (16.5 MB)  

Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary series - Ven. Aggacitta
      Occasions for Breaking Precepts (17.5 MB)  New!
      Developing Buddhist Wisdom in Daily Life (13.2 MB)  
      Undermining the Ego (16.5 MB) 
      How to Strive on Heedfully as a Lay Buddhist (18.3 MB)  
      Mind your Mind, Find your Mine (17.0 MB)  
Bringing Home the Dhamma to Bring it Home (12.7 MB)
      Taking Refuge Facing Crises (17.0 MB)  
What is the Meaning and Purpose of Life (17.4 MB)  
      Mutual Care Sure Security (18.5 MB)  Highly recommended!
Spectrum of Merits (12.6 MB)
      Live Wisely (18.1 MB)
      Spiritual Self-Defence (14.3 MB)
      Patients in Samsara (14.9 MB)
      Four Modes to Perfect Vision (17.4 MB)
      Worthy Wishes, Worthy Deeds (18.3 MB)
      Kusala, Punna and Parami (9.4 MB)

Dr. Chan Kah Yein  
      Kindness to Animals, A Buddhist Perspective (11.4 MB)  Highly recommended!
Creating Heaven in an Imperfect World (14.6 MB)  Highly recommended!
      A Woman's Place, What the Buddha Taught (12.0 MB)
      All Beings are Interrelated (9.7 MB)
      Awakening Kindness in our Hearts (11.5 MB)
      The Four Noble Truths, A Recipe for Happiness (15.5 MB)  
      Guardians of our Spiritual Path, the Five Precepts (14.2 MB)  
      Taming the Green-Eyed Monster, Jealousy (14.7 MB)

Ven S. Pemaratana
     How to Manage Your Negative Emotions  (11.4 MB)  
Parenthood in Buddhist Perspective  (11.9 MB)   
Guidelines for Healthy Life  (11.6 MB)  

Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda

      How to choose a Religion? (16.2 MB)  Highly recommended!
      Buddhist Concept of Heaven and Hell (19.7 MB)  
      The Buddha as a Free Thinker (20.4 MB)
      Life after Death (9.4 MB)  

      31 Planes Of Existence (15.4 MB)  
      Again And Again (5.8 MB)  
      Conventional Truth And Ultimate Truth (13.7 MB)  
      For Us To Contemplate (10.2 MB)  
      How To Gain Satisfaction (10.2 MB)  
      The Nature Of Buddha's Enlightenment (9.9 MB)  
      Three Pillars In Buddhism (8.3 MB)  
      Twelve Kinds Of Karmic Effect
(15.4 MB)  

Messengers of Dharma
      The Story of Dona (Outstanding musical ballad with snippets of talks by 
                                        Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda 1.2 MB)  Highly recommended!
The Story of Dona (Video clip of the Live Performance 20.5 MB)
      The Story of Dona (Click to link to the video clip on YouTube)

Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia - Homage to the Buddha
      Namo Tassa (Beautiful background music 4.7 MB)


More Downloads in the
  E-Learning page.

More talks on MP3

What the Buddha Taught - Ajahn Brahm (11.6 MB)
History of Buddhism - Ajahn Brahm (16.4 MB)
Life and Death
  - Ajahn Brahm (17.6 MB)
Suffering and Liberation - Ajahn Jitindriya (14.5 MB)

Why (The 4 Noble Truths)  - Ajahn Brahm (30.7 MB)
The Noble Eightfold Path
  - Ajahn Brahmali (12.8 MB)
The Different Buddhist Traditions  - Ajahn Brahm (13.8 MB)

Kamma and Rebirth  - Ajahn Brahm (22.9 MB)
Rebirth (Including Questions and Answers)  - Ajahn Brahm (21.3 MB)
Where does Kamma come from - Ajahn Cattamalo (13.8 MB)
Karma - Ven Mahinda (12.0 MB) 

The 4 Brahmaviharas - Ajahn Cattamalo (16.3 MB)
Understanding the Three Refuges - Ajahn Vayama (13.1 MB)

Buddhist Cosmology and the Origin of the Universe - Ven. Dhammika (22.7 MB)
Buddhism and Science  - Ajahn Brahm (9.6 MB)
Clairvoyance  - Ajahn Brahm (15.9 MB)
The Five Aggregates  - Ajahn Brahm (18.0 MB)

Buddhist Meditation - The Way To Wisdom  - Ajahn Brahm (16.0 MB)
Characteristics of Life and Guided Meditation - Mr. Zor Ha (18.2 MB)
Some Aspects of Meditation - Ajahn Vayama (13.9 MB)

Happiness in this Life and Beyond - Ajahn Brahm (21.5 MB)  
  - Ajahn Brahm (11.7 MB)
Greed  - Ajahn Brahm (15.6 MB)
The Miracle in the Heart - Ajahn Vayama (10.4 MB)
Generosity - Ajahn Visuddhi (13.2 MB)
Doing What is Good - Ajahn Brahm (12.3 MB)

The Way to Ultimate Healing - Ven. Sangyo Khadro (20.0 MB)  
Working with Anger
- Ajahn Visuddhi (13.4 MB)
Helping children overcome problems - Ajahn Brahm (13.1 MB)
Making Peace with Conditions - Ajahn Vayama (13.0 MB)

Why Is Buddhism Growing  - Ajahn Brahm (16.7 MB)
The End of All Ends - Ajahn Brahm (12.0 MB)   


Video Clips
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The Four Greatest Places of Lord Buddha (43.0 MB)

Dhamma talk by Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda (5.5 MB)

Island of Light & Sri Lanka Pilgrimage video presentation with music  (75 MB)

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General Buddhism

Anyone can go to Heaven, Just be Good  
Anyone can go to Heaven, Just be Good (Hi-res version for printing - 4.2 MB)

A Life of Blessings
A Life of Blessings (Hi-res version for printing - 5.7 MB)

Island of Light  New!

Buddhist Dictionary  
Good Question, Good Answer

The Four Noble Truths

Why Buddhism
How to Practice Buddhism
The Buddhist Concept of Heaven and Hell
Moral and Ethical Conduct of a Buddhist

Guide to the Tipitaka 
Bhavana Vandana Book of Devotion  

Buddhist Pilgrimage

What Not to Look for in a Religion
Buddhism for the Modern Skeptic  
Agree to Disagree - Conversations on Conversion  

The Eight Good Habits  
Happy Here and Now  New!

A Kite in the Wind
Little Steps

Devolution aboard Evolution  New!


Vipassana Meditation handbook  Highly recommended!
Vipassana Meditation Guide  
How to Meditate : A Beginner's Guide to Peace   Highly recommended!
The Power of Mindfulness

In this Life Itself
For the Stilling of Volcanoes

Meditation Loving Kindness
Meditation Retreats in SE Asia


A Manual of Abhidhamma
Buddha Abhidhamma

31 Planes of Existence

Buddhism and Christianity

Beyond Belief

Facing Death

The Last Breath  New!
Preparing for Death and Helping the Dying 

Buddhism and vegetarianism / compassion for animals

To Cherish All Life
Taking a Stand

Pawprints on my Heart

Indy Jones & the Kingdom of the Four Brahmaviharas
See You at Rainbow Bridge 
To Eat or Not to Eat Meat 
Highly recommended!
Do We Have a Choice?  New!
Here for a Reason  New!


Buddhist Songs
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Courtesy of Messengers of Dhamma 

"Sing-Along Series 1 - Wesak"

  1.  Hail Glorious Day
  2.  Holy Day of Wesak
  3.  Wesak Dawn
  4.  The Bodhi Day
  5.  Softly Blew the Breezes
  6.  Light of Asia
  7.  Lord Buddha Found the Truth
  8.  Thoughts
  9.  Wesak Day
10.  Flower of Mankind
11.  Day of Glory
12.  Welcome Joyous Wesak

"Sing-Along Series 2 - Praise"

  1.  Let's sing the Praises
  2.  Song of Peace
  3.  When we see the Golden Sun
  4.  The Blessed Refuges
  5.  Lord within Thy Holy Doctrine
  6.  The Sunrise comes
  7.  Essence of the Doctrine
  8.  Buddhist Doxology
  9.  His Lovelit Image
10.  Homage to Buddha
11.  In Praise of Thee
12.  Ancient Path

"Sing-Along Series 3 - Matrimony"

  1.  Blessed Day of Love's Fulfillment
  2.  Day of Marriage
  3.  Consecrated Lord to Thee
  4.  Lotus of Love
  5.  Happiness
  6.  Buddhist Wedding Song
  7.  My Home