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Buddhist and religious mega-sites


The Buddhist Channel


Access to Insight

Religious Tolerance.org

Buddhism About.com

Buddhism Today

Urban Dharma

Sadhu! Theravada Buddhism Web Directory and Portal

Mahabodhi Online - Buddhist Humanism

DharmaNet International

The Dhamma Wheel  

Buddha Forum Buddhist Learning Community  New!!

The Dhamma Encyclopedia  New!!

A Guide to Buddhism A to Z  New!!

Agree to Disagree - Conversations on Conversion  New!!


Other good Buddhist sites

An Introduction to Buddhism

Fundamental Buddhism

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order 

London Buddhist Vihara


Purify Your Mind



Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda

Buddhism for the Lay Practitioner

Dharma Bliss

The Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies

Unitarian-Universalist Buddhist Fellowship

Malaysia Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary

The Dharmafarer Sutta Discovery Website

Tipitaka Search

Dhamma Musings Blog

Theravadin Wordpress Blog

Buddhist Space Online Memorial Services

The Dhamma

Theravada Buddhism

Veggie Buddhists

Dharmadaana collection of Buddhist website links  New!!  

Ancient Buddhist Texts  New!!  

The Secular Buddhist  New!!

Dharma Voices for Animals  New!!


Sites on Meditation

House of Dhamma

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

The Vipassana Page

How to Meditate

Vipassana Fellowship

Insight Meditation Society

Vipassana Dhura Meditation Society

Vipassana Sangha

Satipanya Guided Meditations

Practical Vipassana Meditational Exercises

The Little Bangkok Meditation Guide


Sites for Pali chanting and Buddhist songs

BuddhaNet Audio

Buddhist Society of Australia Chanting Book

Vipassana Homage, Refuges, Precepts


Resources for free Buddhist materials

Buddhist Studies: E-Learning Buddhism

The Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Forest Dhamma books and MP3s

Audio Dharma.org


Urban Dharma.org


Vipassana Fellowship


Satipanya Buddhist Trust


Bodhi Monastery Majjhima Nikaya Lectures

E-Books by Dr. Chan Kah Yein  

Free Buddhist Audio  New!!

KMSPKS Monastery Publications  New!!


Buddhist websites for kids, and grown-ups too!

Dharma Games

Buddhist Studies for Primary and Secondary students

D-Kidz, Dhamma Education for Children

My Little Gems Buddhist Kindergarten

Nottwo Buddhist Art and Children's Colouring Pages

Singapore Buddhist websites

Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddhist Fellowship

The Buddhist Library

Burmese Buddhist Temple

Firefly Mission

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple

Metta Welfare Association

Singapore Buddhist Mission Youth

The Minding Centre

Thekchen Choling

Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple

Wat Ananda Youth