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A Short Photo Tour in the Buddha's Footsteps

Before He passed away, the Buddha advised all His followers to visit at least once in their lifetimes the following four places : 

His Birthplace
The place of His Enlightenment 
Where He gave His First Discourse
The place of His Passing Away.

Lumbini (Nepal) The Birthplace of the Buddha
Kapilavatthu Where the Buddha lived in His youth
Bodh Gaya The place of Enlightenment
Saranath Where the Buddha gave His First Discourse
Rajagaha Capital of the ancient kingdom of Magadha
Savatthi The Buddha lived and taught here for 25 years
Kusinara The place of Passing Away
Nalanda The ancient university City
New Delhi Paying respects to the Buddha's Relics 

A far more detailed look at the places on the Pilgrimage route can be found at : 
Buddhist Studies, Pilgrimage

Also this is an excellent e-book to download and read (right click and save as...)  :  
Buddhist Pilgrimage.

Lumbini (Nepal) - The Birthplace of the Buddha

Entrance to Lumbini Park.  Lumbini is in Nepal, just across the border from India.

The Maya Devi Temple.

Offerings of incense and light.

Interior of the Temple.

One of Asoka's Pillars, this one supposedly marking the exact spot of the Buddha's birth.

Kapilavatthu - Where the Buddha lived in His youth

Remains of the stupa marking the location of one of the Buddha's palaces.

In the grounds of Kapilavatthu with Venerable Karuniko from England (left), 
and Venerable Sannamo from Canada (right).