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(Tylko po angielsku)

We are committed to spreading the Dhamma by producing and distributing these free high quality items.   

"There is no greater gift than the gift of the Truth."

Car decals

Car decals are high quality and in full colour, printed on vinyl and about 25cm in length.
These images are copyright free and available to anyone to reproduce for reprinting.

Download hi-res 
(right click and save as...)


High quality lamination and printing and about 15cm in length.

Great to keep with yourself or give some to your friends and relatives
as reminders of the Buddha and the Dhamma. 


"The profound principles of the Buddha's Teachings are systematically presented and lucidly explained by T Y Lee in a very readable style that is contemporary, simple and convincing. A firm and 'friendly' stepping stone for seekers looking for an overview of the basic principles of Buddhism." - Ven. Aggacitta

"This little book offers a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to the Buddha's teachings. The reader will be challenged in some ways but inspired and encouraged in others. And those who take its message to heart will have the promise of a new, happy and fulfilled life." - Ven. Dhammika

"Herein you will find the timeless wisdom of the Buddha presented with clarity, brevity and accuracy. Many often asked questions are directly and correctly answered. In all, this is a priceless little booklet to carry around or share with your friends." - Ajahn Brahm

"In this booklet Mr. T.Y. Lee has shown how to gain prosperity and happiness, how to avoid material, moral and spiritual downfall and enlightens people on the blessings in life. Therefore, I highly recommend this booklet as knowledgeable material for a life of blessings in the Buddhist perspective." - Ven. Indasara

"The author has selected four discourses by the Buddha that deal with all these issues and has written a commentary on each of them. The result is a readable, practical and common-sense guide to living the Buddhist life.” - Ven. Dhammika

“A Life of Blessings highlights the practical simplicity of Buddhism as opposed to the somewhat dogmatic faith characteristic of other religions. For the spread of the Good Dhamma, I would strongly recommend this booklet for its relevance to the social problems of our time and its applicability to everyday life.” - Ven. Pannyavaro

Please click here for the Request Form (Do strony po angielsku) for the above free materials.  




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